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Truskawkowe tiramisu z jaglano-cytrynowym kremem, Apple Pie (Seinfeld)

Ten deser smakuje obłędnie! Robi się go całkiem szybko, trzeba tylko trochę poczekać, aż dobrze schłodzi się w lodówce (najlepiej wstawić na całą noc).

Warstwy: podłużne biszkopty + dżem truskawkowy + krem jaglano-cytrynowy + plasterki truskawek + podłużne biszkopty + dżem truskawkowy + krem jaglano-cytrynowy + całe truskawki.

The Pie (season 5, episode 15)

Whether it’s a pizza pie or a standard pie, if someone’s going to refuse it outright, they should give some form of explanation as opposed to simply staring at the thing and shaking their heads, repulsed. Especially if the reason they’re turned off by said pie is because they saw the person who fondled it into existence urinate without washing their hands. 

Both Jerry’s and his date’s respective, selfishly cryptic declinations of pie underscore the curious and haunting otherness of those with whom we become “intimate.” Pie, it turns out, is the emblem of solipsism — each little circle of horror representing its own, unreachable secrets. Leave it to Seinfeld to go far deeper than berries and apples (source).


Strawberry tiramisu with lemon and millet filling

This dessert tastes amazing! You can prepare it quite quickly but must wait until it has cooled properly in the fridge (best if you leave it there overnight).

Layers: ladyfingers + strawberry jam + millet and lemon filling + strawberry slices + ladyfingers + strawberry jam + millet and lemon filling + strawberries.

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