piątek, 23 września 2016

Dietetyczne, wytrawne muffiny; BBQ sauce (Seinfeld)

To danie przygotuj tj. zapiekankę, ale składniki układaj warstwami w formie do muffinów. Posmaruj wierzch babeczek masą jogurtowo-jajeczną i zapiekaj przez ok. 30 minut.

Można zabrać do pracy/szkoły. Mnie smakują wyjątkowo dobrze z zielonymi oliwkami. Można je też dodać do muffinów zamiast czarnych.

The Doll (season 7, episode 17)

Jerry buys a bottle of BBQ sauce that has a man on the label who resembles Charles Grodin, with the intention of bringing the bottle on his upcoming Charles Grodin Show appearance. The bottle gets smashed on the plane home from Memphis, so Jerry asks Susan’s particularly insufferable former roommate, Sally Weaver (Kathy Griffin), to bring him another bottle of this sauce when she comes to town. She buys him a case of a different, “much better” BBQ sauce instead, subsequently ruining his Grodin appearance (source).

Low-fat muffins

To prepare this dish, follow these instructions for casserole but arrange the ingredients in layers in a muffin pan. Spread the muffin tops with some yoghurt and egg mixture and bake them for ca. 30 minutes.

You can take them to work/school. I particularly like them with green olives. You can also add these olives instead of black ones to your muffins.

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