sobota, 5 marca 2016

Krupnik lub zupa jarzynowa z jarmużem, Broccoli (Seinfeld)

Jarmuż w krupniku lub zupie jarzynowej? Pyszne. Spróbujcie. (Dodajcie posiekany jarmuż, bez twardych części, ok. 5-7 minut przed końcem gotowania.)

The Chicken Rooster (episode 8, season 8) 

Jerry confronts Newman at Kenny Roger's Chicken and makes him eat a piece of broccoli (source).

Jerry: Hello Newman. 
Newman: Hello Jerry.

Seth: And don’t forget your steamed broccoli. 
Jerry: Hold it, Newman, you wouldn’t eat broccoli if it was deep fried in chocolate sauce.
Newman: I love broccoli, its good for you. 
Jerry: Really? Then maybe you’d like to have a piece?
Newman: Gladly. 
[Newman spits it out] 
Newman: Vile weed!

Vegetable soup with kale

Try adding some kale to the barley soup with lentils or vegetable soup. It’s delicious. (Add chopped kale, without the hard parts, ca. 5-7 minutes before the end of cooking.)

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